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Throughout history, games and sports have helped humanity to survive times of crisis by reducing anxieties and improving mental health. While the coronavirus outbreak has forced most gaming and sports activities to scale down, chess has demonstrated remarkable resilience, adaptability and a very strong convening power in time of pandemic. Over the past few months, the overall interest in chess is reported to have doubled, with more players than ever coming together to participate in chess events that are being increasingly held through online platforms.

The United Nations recognizes that sports, the arts and physical activity have the power to change perceptions, prejudices and behaviours, as well as to inspire people, break down racial and political barriers, combat discrimination and defuse conflict, and therefore contrabute in promoting education, sustainable development, peace, cooperation, solidarity, social inclusion and health at the local, regional and international levels.

Chess is one of the most ancient, intellectual and cultural games, with a combination of sport, scientific thinking and elements of art.

EFCC – the English Federation for Correspondence Chess. The start date is 20/​9/20 so do not expect much action before then as the players will be The British Correspondence Chess Championship (BCCC) is the premier tournament on.

If you think you have entered and your name is not on the list, please get in contact urgently! These are extremely strong events and England has a representative in both sections. Qualification for the next World Final is by finishing in the first two places. We are grateful for our Welsh Friends taking several boards in order to accommodate all the England players who wished to play.

The player E. Michael J. Well done.

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Read the report here: Link to report. Watch the recording here: Link to recording. Middle-level theory has several uses. It can help predict if a programme might be expected to work in a particular setting. It offers insights into what programme design features are needed to help ensure success.

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The history of chess can be traced back nearly years, although the earliest origins are uncertain. The earliest predecessor of the game probably originated in India, before the 6th century AD. From India, the game spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, chess was taken up by the Muslim world and subsequently spread to Southern Europe. In Europe, chess evolved into roughly its current form in the 15th century. In , a computer first beat a chess world champion in the famous Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov match, ushering in an era of computer domination.

Since then, computer analysis — which originated in the s with the first programmed chess games on the market — has contributed to much of the development in chess theory and has become an important part of preparation in professional human chess. Later developments in the 21st century made the use of computer analysis far surpassing the ability of any human player accessible to the public.

Online gaming , which first appeared in the mids, also became popular in the 21st century. Chess remains a highly popular pastime to this day. A survey found that “chess players now make up one of the largest communities in the world: million adults play chess regularly”. Precursors to chess originated in India during the Gupta Empire.

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By Johnny Percival March 9 , Now a new set of sporting foes are facing up to each other in the most unlikely of sports — chess. Wood Green Chess Club, who have won the London Chess League every year dating back to , are accused by rivals of buying a star-studded team of international for-hire Grand Masters. Although the final score, seven and a half to two and a half, is at first glance a crushing defeat for Hammersmith, the team considered it to be a good result.

Mr Speelman is the chess correspondent for The Independent and The Observer as well as the author of numerous books about chess.

When the British Chess Championships came to Hull last summer, Roger Noble, a member of the Hull and District Chess Association, Date: 13 March

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Contact: Igor Doklestic Email: chessinbristol gmail. All moves to be completed in 5 minutes, plus a 3 second increment after each move. One section Entry form. Contact: Dr Tim Paulden Email: timpaulden gmail. The tournament leaflet and online entry form will be released during Summer , and will be made available via our website.

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Click here for Guide to dating and buying Jaques Staunton Chess sets. Jaques Staunton Sets , British Playing Sets. Philidor, George Washington.

This twelfth-century ivory chess piece is carved in the form of an enthroned bishop who wears a miter, holds a crosier, and makes a gesture of blessing with two raised fingers. Two attendants crouch beside him, rendered on a much smaller scale to suggest lower status. The kneeling figure on his right, wearing a monastic haircut called a tonsure, gestures to an open book. The figure on the opposite side rests on his staff, head in hand. In medieval Scandinavia, the chess rook took the form of a watchman with his back to a fence instead of a medieval castle watchtower.

In this example, the watchman blows his horn to signal trouble, holds a sword, and is accompanied at either side by two smaller military figures with shields. It bears the signature “H” on its base. Search this site. Chess-shop raindroptime. Site Overview Home. Chess History Ancient Chess History.

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At CHESS the humanities engage the sciences and society to promote knowledge for use. What kinds of Date: @durham.​

The modern chess player is armed with a brain of sharp intent and individuality. More than 1, players took part, and more than 2, people were attracted to the city to either play, view or get involved in the chess festival. All ages from junior to adult were catered for, and the tournament was sponsored by the Hull Leisure Services and the English Chess Federation with help from the Hull and District Chess Association.

A player at the British Chess Chamionships in Hull in Alongside the championships, and to keep the visitors happy, there were subsidiary events like outdoor giant chess, a bookstall, a chess cake, competitions, evening events such as historic walks and talks, raffles and even pizza making for children. Many Chess Grandmasters, both male and female were playing for trophies and prizes, and the chess was as competitive as ever as tactics and strategy filled the hall.

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Chess. Date Created: c AD Country of Origin: India, possibly China the game can even be played online at the British Museum’s Mesopotamia website.

People have been playing games in some form since the earliest civilizations first arose over 5, years ago. Nearly all of the games on this list were played by the first civilizations such as the Ancient Sumerians from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egyptians. Although the exact rules of these ancient games have been lost, historians have been able to piece together and reconstruct gameplay so people can play them today.

Date Created: c. Although most people probably that Chess is an ancient game, compared to all the other board games on this list, it is relatively young. While the exact origins of Chess are unknown, most historians agree that the game originated in India during the Gupta Empire around the 6 th century AD — some historians believe it originated in China. Like many early games, the rules of Chess evolved as it spread throughout the world, and the modern rules of the game were formed around the 15 th century in Europe.

Date Created: Unknown, possibly c. Go, known as Weiqi in its country of origin China, is one of the oldest board games in the world that is still largely popular today. Although the games exact origins are unknown, Go is believed to have originated in China sometime around 3, — 4, years ago. In place of an exact history, according to legend, Go was created by the ancient Chinese Emperor Yao — BCE to enlighten his son, Danzhu and teach him discipline, concentration, and balance.

Historians were able to reconstruct the games rules based on a partial cuneiform tablet from Babylon dating from — BCE.

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Wood Green Chess Club, who have won the London Chess League every year dating back to , are accused by rivals of buying a Wood Green’s team featured no less than four British chess Olympians and eight Grand.

The registrations list is published here. Players who have not completed acceptance of the. Deadline: Entries close at 6pm on Tuesday 1 September. Thank you for participating in this event! Friday 21 – Sunday 23 August, Call to Arms The 4NCL requires extra assistance to help us to administer an expanded portfolio of online events during the If you are an arbiter, click here to fill in the application form. These are the current guideline and rules for fair play in 4NCL Online including a summary of anti-cheating arrangements.

The rules are being reviewed on an ongoing basis and will be updated as appropriate based on experience from 4NCL Online and other events Given the continuing uncertainty caused by the prevailing Covid pandemic, in our view the financial and operational risks both to the 4NCL and to Guaranteed Events are just too big to run the risk of proceeding at this stage.

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